Junk Jodie


Come and make Be Kind/Appreciation Flowers with Jodie using recycled materials.

You can also help make a big ‘Bee’ collaborative art piece.


Get Your Head in the Game


Football fun for all ages. Sport is great for your mental and physical health and for meeting new people, and this is the perfect activity for working on your footy skills.

Get your head in the game
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BeWonderment Machine

11.30AM, 2.00PM & 4.00PM

The Bewonderment Machine is an artist-built, cycle-powered carousel for young children and their families to enjoy, featuring hand-carved British wildlife animals. 

Children can come and visit, care for and perhaps, if they’re brave, go for a journey on their most beloved animal.

Shed of Stories


Overnight, a small mysterious shed appears.  The doors are opened, words and stories tumble out, music and laughter begins to fill the air and then – as if by magic – children start to arrive.

Enjoy classic, new and even improvised tales at hourly intervals throughout the day.  Between story times, the shed becomes a pop-up library where children and families can read together, or budding young storytellers can pen their next masterpiece.

Shed of Stories