Creative Champions

Creative Champions - MUSIC


Brought together through a music and lyric-writing programme as part of the ICE Heritage Project in partnership with Hampshire CAMHS, these young musicians will be showcasing songs written and performed by them, accompanied by Jim Chorley.

Carmina Masoliver - Poetry


London-based published poet Carmina is the founder of feminist arts nights, She Grrrowls. She’s also no stranger to festivals, having performed at Latitude, Bestival and Lovebox.

Carmina Masoliver
Nathan Plant

Nathan Plant – Comedy


Nathan Plant is a stand up and musical comedian, blending absurd observations and stories. 

Sometimes singing and sometimes just talking, he’s attacking the open mic scene like a silent assassin (because, he says, no one really knows who he is!

Noeh – Music


Enjoy a mix of originals and covers from Birmingham-based singer-songwriter, Noeh.

Kristianne Drake

Kristianne Drake – Poetry


Kristianne examines their own past through a lens of resilience and reconciliation, drawing on the inspiration of punk rock and personal experience.

leaves. waves. sky – Poetry


A spoken word poetry show from Rich Lansley, featuring a collection of his poems from the past two years.

Written to charm and soothe, his words are calm but strong, like waves of an ocean just willing you to come a little deeper. Described as ‘poetry of kindness’, Leaves. Waves. Sky is a performance of humour and heart exploring human nature and the world surrounding us.

Rich Lansley
Drift Snowbarger

Drift Snowbarger - Comedy


Describing themselves as the ‘odd’ kid at school who grew up to be an ‘odd’ adult, Drift tells tales of Tourette twitches, ticks and tocks, seen through the strange prism that is his mind.

Lawrence Nicholas : mirror, self and i - Poetry


Living with several chronic health conditions, much of Lawrence’s poetry explores and re-contextualises his symptoms. In Mirror Self and I, he combines magic realism with the perspective of someone who has found a way to thrive while living with panic and pain every day.

Lawrence Nicholas
Jo Fisher

Jo Fisher - Poetry


Jo is a Southampton-based poet, writer, editor and artist that has been featured on BBC Radio Solent and Radio 4, and performed at the Royal Albert Hall.

Join her as she shares some of her poetry and tries to make sense of life, from body image and mental health to identity and beyond.

Parker Turner - Music


A solo multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter/performer who writes and sings about mental health and childhood in an acoustic blend of ‘bedroom pop’ and folk.

Parker Turner
Seun Matiluko

Seun Matiluko – Poetry


Recent Harvard graduate Seun works as a journalist and poet. Her work explores themes of race, belonging and identity, and she’ll be performing a series of poems on mental health, thriving and surviving.

bespoke words by SM Ripper - Poetry


Bespoke Words is a simple idea. Each performance asks its audience for prompts and SM Ripper turns these ideas into a spoken word performance. A poetry set with themes chosen by the you, galvanised into a show purely for you.

There are sure to be thoughtful moments and many chuckles as you, the audience, choose your own adventure in this poetic collaboration like no other.

SM Ripper

Panda-Monium - CABARET


Panda-monium’s highly-interactive Cabaret of Panda Wellness is all about being well and having fun.

Learn cool ‘life hacks’ like potato mindfulness and ‘panda beatboxing’ and join in with uplifting songs and games.