Where is the Medical Student? by Sarah Junac

Artform: Spoken Word

I am a final year medical student and every so often I enjoy dipping in and out of the world of poetry. I recently contributed to the NHS anthology “These are the Hands”. To me, poetry is a way of sharing emotions, achievements and challenges in a creative and yet to-the-point way. At the same time, it gives you the chance to articulate and sort through whatever you are feeling. The NHS Anthology shows that, no matter what role you have in healthcare, there are many moments that deserve a poem. As a medical student, I wanted to share the feeling of being lost in everyday hospital life. This is a feeling that is often encountered by medical students because, in order to cover all the necessary material, we rotate around each department fairly quickly so there is little time for adjustment, familiarity or continuity. This can get very tiring and overwhelming at the same time. I am really glad to be part of the AITM Festival and hope that my poem resonates with other students out there trying to find their way in a new profession – whether it is medicine or not.