Under Observation by Four in Four

Artform: Visual Art

Written & Directed by Tamsin Griffiths & Paul Whittaker

Performer – Tamsin Griffiths

3 min non-dialogue film.

Four in Four – Tamsin Griffiths & Paul Whittaker, are two dynamic, cross-disciplinary artists with a Mental Health (MH) diagnosis, who create participatory interactive projects that blur the boundaries of art-forms and challenge perceptions about health and mental health, through form and content. They also act as consultants for the Arts, Education & Health Sectors.

Made as part of Four in Four’s ‘Is it Science or Art?’ exhibition ‘Under Observation’ tells the story of a young woman as she struggles with her mental health within the hospital fishbowl she needs in order to survive. Where can she go to escape the hospital environment? How can she nurture her mental needs and escape to a space of unobserved freedom?