Sue From Sexual Health by Dibby Theatre

Artform: Theatre

Sue rose to fame in 2018 when she was lovingly depicted in award-winning theatre production First Time, a show about the writer and performer Nathaniel Hall’s real-life experience of contracting HIV aged just 16 – she’s still waiting for the royalties.

After finding her on Facebook selling a partially used ‘Live, Laugh, Love, Get Tested’ candle, Nathaniel encouraged Sue to start her own vlog where she now offers her warm takes on modern life (like hot takes, but nicer).

Having worked in sexual health since sex was discovered as a way to pass the time during the Winter of Discontent, Sue now has an unparalleled wealth of knowledge of all things sexual (as well as a very well stocked lube cupboard).

Join Sue as she waxes lyrical about mental health, stigma and sexually transmitted infections – issues that have been close to her heart since she forward-rolled the M60 ring road in an attempt to raise the profile of Chlamydia (bringing a whole new meaning to the hashtag #ClapForCarers).

What she might say is anybody’s guess, so get ready to get lubed-up and loose-lipped with Sue!

Suitable for ages 14+ | Contains frank discussion of sex and sexual health

Written and Performed by Nathaniel Hall (and Sue)

Produced by Dibby Theatre

Presented as part of In Equal Parts, an outreach and engagement project tackling HIV stigma and shame.