Be.Spoken Arts – Dewi Evans to the outro thanks by SM Ripper

Artform: Spoken Word

SM Ripper is a storyteller, poet and host hailing from the Wilds of Winchester. Bringing boundless energy to the stage his first anthology ‘The Girls, The Rot and The Unquantifiable Joy of Existence.’ plots the mystical highs of optimism and the strange depths of human depravity.

Despite the fact he’s learnt to garden and make lentil Hummus during lockdown Ripper is a massive fan of a rumpus & brings his unique flair for mischief to any platform he can. Performing from log stumps to festival stages in front of hundreds his mission is to make poetry that speaks to people and aims to keep that conversation going through laughter and thought.

Vibrant, chaotic and kind, Ripper & his crew at ‘Be.Spoken Arts’ loves working with other artists and promoting magical talent in shows hosted with maverick generosity. So sit back, open your ears and get ready to enjoy the show.