Aerial Performance by Helen Raynham

Artform: Dance/Circus

This performance explores loneliness, boredom and an ability to literally get caught up in our own thoughts.  We all look for a bit of escapism in our lives and what better way than to take to the skies!

Circus is both an art form and great for fitness.  I found circus as a way of dealing with my anxiety.  There’s a great, supportive community and it takes a lot of concentration to know what you’re doing when you’re hanging upside down in the air! It’s a challenge but one that is fun and results in great mental and physical health.

Helen is an actor and aerialist.  She teaches aerial at Flying Fantastic, London and at CirqueScape in Woking (Covid19 measures permitting)

Music used during her performance – Parachutes by India Electric Co.

Instagram: @Helen_Raynham & @raynbeaucirque

Twitter: @HRaynham

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