Short description: We’re proud to present a collection of inspiring projects that have taken place during this year’s ICE Project as part of the Hampshire Cultural Trust social
impact programme.


Young people referred from Hampshire CAMHS attended art sessions at the clinic with artist and yoga teacher Iris Hill and designer Claire Vine.

Their aim was to redesign two clinic rooms and the family therapy room. The group created personal artwork over three days which was taken away and compiled as inspiration for the final designs which were installed onto the wall as vinyl’s, bringing a calm, colourful and positive vibe for the therapy rooms.

Image credit: Claire Vine and Iris Hill


Young people referred from Hampshire CAMHS worked with artists from The Colour Factory for three mixed media workshop days, experimenting with unusual and inspiring art materials and techniques.

The group produced a considerable volume of artwork that then inspired the professional artists to create a collection of paintings which are on display – alongside the young people’s work – in the clinic reception and therapy rooms. 

Image Credit: Strong Island Media


Children from four Hampshire schools took part in an arts and wellbeing day. Each school explored a different theme such as friendship or hopes and dreams creatively. The children worked with artists Laura Day and Leandro Alenfel to create printed works of art based on their themes using relief and collagraph methods. They also participated in group discussion exercises, learned interview techniques and made short films from the questions they raised. Throughout the day, all students worked to achieve a Discover Level Arts Award.

The ICE Project is a partnership between Hampshire CAMHS and Hampshire Cultural Trust. The wider programme promotes the use of arts and culture for positive mental health and wellbeing. It is made possible through support and investment from Artswork the South East Bridge, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and charitable donations.

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