The All in the Mind Festival exists as a platform to celebrate the power of the arts in improving mental health. It gives artists a safe and supportive platform to try out new ideas, share their work and be heard. It makes connections, bringing individuals, families and communities together to take part in something collectively. It inspires people, giving them the opportunity to use the arts in their own lives.

Now more than ever we should support one another, the arts are a powerful tool in the Nation’s recovery. Now more than ever the arts are needed to help improve people’s mental health. As we embark on a journey in this new world, All in the Mind aims to utilise art and performance to initiate vital conversations, to provide a safe space for artists to perform and share their experiences, to bring communities together again and add a bit of colour back into life.

To continue on this mission, we desperately need your help!


Without it, the festival cannot continue.


With your help the All in the Mind Festival will return outdoors in 2021. With your help we will recover, begin to commission artists and create work that reflects the journey we have all been on. With your help we can start to bring our community together again to have fun, be excited, be inspired and to thrive.

Our festival is a FREE event, donating allows us to keep it that way so that everybody has an opportunity to have their mind blown and be part of something special!

Wall of Words

To feature on our Wall of Words, simply donate £10 using the link below.