Time Table by Jenny Meehan

Artform: Digital Art

Set to Music ‘Screen Saver’ by Kevin MacLeod

‘Time Table’, A short film by Artist and Writer ©Jenny Meehan 2019 exploring themes of “invisible work; both domestic and artistic, time perception, identity and value. Using this video, (set a kitchen-studio), the artist, one of the so-called “economically inactive” questions her position as a mother-artist and its effect on her sense of self/presence.

Jenny Meehan is an established Surrey based Fine and Applied Artist working with a variety of media including digital imagery, painting, sculpture and words. After various roles in the public sector, she accessed higher education later in life, eventually working as a teacher and raising two children. Interested in the relationships between creativity, spirituality and health and well being, she creates emotionally expressive work, much of it autobiographically rooted.

A period of depression between 2008 and 2013 initiated the transformation of trauma through therapy into recovery, self-awareness, and creativity. Finding her own story, and a sense of significance within it; finding knowledge of inner value rooted in healthy self-esteem is the touchstone of this work.