Disconnect by ME Dance Company

Artform: Dance

Misplaced, dazed, and confused. Disconnect tells the story of an escaped patient from a 1950’s asylum.

Connecting with part 1 of Disconnect we follow this woman’s state of mind in unknown surroundings.

Set within the forest of the Black Country we witness moments of anxiety and fear. Consumed by the constant transitions in her day to day life she tries to discover her true identity and how she became adrift.Past events and misinformed information has driven her to hide and create multiple personalities so much so that she has forgotten who she used to be.

Through hope, faith and determination she tries to recall the darkest moments of her past however, she wonders if they are her memories or those of the other characters she possesses. As her thoughts become ever more tangled she searches to find a path in her mind that will lead her to safety.