All in the Mind is the leading outdoor mental health arts festival in the UK.

The festival is a free annual one-day event offering a broad range of music, dance, spoken word and theatre set within the water meadows of the River Loddon in Basingstoke. This family friendly festival inspires and delights audiences of all ages offering multiple ways to have your mind blown!

The All in the Mind Festival exists as a platform to celebrate the power of the arts in improving mental health. It gives artists a safe and supportive platform to try out new ideas, share their work and be heard. It makes connections, bringing individuals, families and communities together to take part in something collectively. It inspires people, giving them the opportunity to use the arts in their own lives.


The All in the Mind Festival was founded in 2016 and is run by Fluid Motion Theatre Company. Fluid Motion is a renowned arts organisation and Charity in England dedicated to improving, supporting and highlighting mental health. Our vision is to use the arts as a tool for helping open up the conversation around mental health, challenge the stigma and improve wellbeing.

Fluid Motion shines a stage light on mental health. We work in communities to provide meaningful arts experiences that give local people a voice. We provide opportunities for children and young people to express themselves through the arts.